Charitable Purpose

The charitable purpose was originally set out in 1979 and since then the understanding of haematological disorders has developed and treatment has become more specialised but the purpose remains relevant today.

Friends of Leeds Haem cheque presentation on ward

The Trust is established for the relief of persons suffering from leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related disorders.

We meet this purpose by supporting some individual patients with unusual costs such as travelling, funding new patient or diagnostic equipment that is not available from NHS funds.

Examples include new CADD pumps that have enabled a new method of treating patients and allowing them freedom and to go home for much of the time, another example is funding for new diagnostic techniques that enable Consultants to determine the most beneficial treatment option for patients.

More recently we have collaborated with the ‘Chevin Socialites’ (one of the dedicated groups of supporters for the Department) and we fund the bedside patient TV service.

An up to date list of funding since 2020 is shown here and the value is £34,884.

  • Privacy screen and sepsis trolley – Ward 87
  • Support material for ESC – CNS team
  • Fridges for 6 patients rooms – Ward 89
  • 2 Nurses to virtually link to ASCAT conference – S McKeown-Wade
  • Portable microscope – Registrar team
  • 3 laptops for home working  – Secretarial team
  • Patient mobility device – Ward 88
  • 5 observation machines  – Ward 88
  • Ipad and thermometers for patient home care – CAR-T team
  • Digital morphology training and diagnostic module – Medical staff
  • Procedure trolley, drip stands and 5 observation machines – Ward 87
  • Camera and software for teaching microscope – Medical Staff
  • 2 Laptops for patient home consultations – PNH Team
  • 20 patient overbed tables – Ward 89
  • Camera for morphology teaching – HMDS

Individual Patient Requests

Sometimes a patient may need to travel to another Centre for treatment or may be having other unusual costs linked to their treatment which they are struggling to fund. When assistance is not available via the NHS then patients may be supported by the Friends.

Such requests for assistance would usually be made by the Clinical Nurse Specialist, who is working with the patient, to the Honorary Secretary. Where there is some urgency for a decision the Trustees will consider the request by email rather than wait for a meeting of Trustees.

Patient in weighing scale chair

Patient in weighing scale chair funded by the Friends

Departmental Requests

In 2014 the Trustees decided to open the process for applying for funds to staff within the Department of Haematology.

Twice a year in March and September, the Chairman writes to the Head of Department asking for the letter inviting bids for funds to be widely circulated within the Department. The Trustees then consider the bids at their meetings in April and October.

Nurse with ECG machine

Nurse with ECG machine

Patient TV funding

From 2019 the Friends have been collaborating with the informal fundraising group, the Chevin Socialites over the funding of the patient bedside TV. Whilst the Leeds Hospitals contracts with Hospedia to provide these services it is expected that patients will pay for the access to TV.

For the past 3 years the Chevin Socialites have managed to raise funds such that for most of the time patients have not had to pay for the basic level of service.

To comply with Charity Commission guidelines the Friends have taken on responsibility for managing these costs by establishing a separate specific TV account. The Chevin Socialites continue to support the fundraising and it is hoped that the funds within the TV account will be sufficient to continue funding TV to all inpatients.

If you wish to support this specific aspect of the Friends work, donations should be made to the Friends TV account.

Laboratory staff with the new electronic
pipette funded by the Friends.